092: Why Most High Performing Athletes Fall Short of Their Full Potential

In this Episode 92, we dive into the reason why many high performing athletes don't achieve their full potential. 

High performance can be tough; it demands consistency and dedication. Let's consider an athlete's journey: from amateur to competitive, to elite, and finally, to high performance. It's a rigorous process that requires intense commitment.

And talent alone doesn't guarantee success. A study in the late 80s examined the top 1% of high performing athletes worldwide, across various sports. While some were indeed gifted, a significant majority achieved success through something else. 

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Why Even Talented Athletes Struggle to Reach Peak Performance – the other factors that propel high-performing athletes
  • The High-Performance Athlete's Mindset – what sets them apart from the rest
  • The Key to Consistency – how top 1% athletes sustain their success
  • What’s Beyond Physicality – the non-physical factors impacting high performance athletes' success
  • Avoiding the Bunny Hopping Effect – how to optimise training for high performance
  • Breaking Barriers – how coaches and athletes can collaborate to design their success

So to understand the journey of high-performing athletes, from amateur to elite and what sets them apart from the rest, this episode is a must-listen.



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