091: An Old Mindset Killing the Performance of Today's Athlete

Protecting Your Competitive Edge: The Alarming Impact This One Habit Can Have On Human Performance

We have done so many wonderful things to promote the development and evolution of our species.

However, there is one habit we have recently created that is causing a de-evolution of one of our performance strengths: our ability to perform and perform with confidence.

And as an athlete this could be catastrophic to our competitive future as it has the potential to jeopardise competitive prospects in the long run.

In this podcast, we unpack the one habit that, if you change it, has the power to significantly enhance not only your performance but also your consistency and your ability to respond under pressure

And it's not that hard to do!

So jump on in and learn what could possibly have the biggest impact on your sporting career in decades.

Links mentioned in this episode:

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