089: A Coach's Role in Managing an Athlete's Mental Block

The Crucial Role of Coaches in Mental Block Management of Athletes

Managing athletes with mental blocks requires a coach’s immediate attention. In this episode 89 of Brain in the Game, we delve into what we can do, as coaches, to support them by:

🧱 Understanding the Causation: We discuss the ways to identify the root cause of the mental block, and how to find out whether it stems from a fear of actual consequences or if it's created through imagination – and the different approaches needed for each scenario.

🧱 The Importance of Early Intervention: How to address the cause promptly and whether it requires technical adjustments or others to support the athlete's emotional resilience. 

🧱 Managing the Emotion: The crucial reason to eliminate emotions from the equation and the pragmatic steps to and guide athletes through the process. 

The longer athletes are left to struggle with mental blocks, the longer the consequences linger, and the greater the impact on not only their own skill development, but their teammates too.

As coaches, sometimes our role goes beyond the technical aspects so it’s useful to be self-critical in these key areas, as the fix for an athlete’s mental block won't come to them naturally.

So tune in for an eye-opening discussion on effectively managing athlete mental blocks and discover the actionable strategies to support athletes who are either experiencing a mental block, or those in the early stages of developing one.

And if you would prefer to watch the video, you will find here: https://www.smartmind.com/blog/managing-mental-blocks

Grab the Free Mental Blocks Playlist:
If you'd like to hear more podcasts for coaches specifically around helping athletes with mental blocks, we have put them into a handy playlist for you. Simply go to: https://www.smartmind.com/blocks – your on-the-go playlist will be sent straight to you.


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