085: How Do I Stay Focused as an Athlete When There are so Many Distractions

Mastering Your Focal Currency: Controlling Where You Put Your Focus

On our latest episode of Brain in the Game, we answer the question: How Do I Stay Focused as an Athlete When There are so Many Distractions? 

We discuss:

  • The Battle for Focal Currency – We dive deep into the concept of focal currency and how it impacts our focus and performance. Just like money, our focus is a valuable resource that we need to invest wisely.
  • Instant vs. Delayed Gratification – We often get caught up in instant gratification, focusing on short-term gains or mistakes, but we should aim for long-term focus on what will truly benefit our performance, sustainability, and control.
  • Avoiding the Focus Drain: Letting Go of Things You Can't Control – Don't let emotions drive your focus. Emotional decisions rarely lead to optimal results. Athletes who obsess over past mistakes or consequences are wasting their focal currency. Shift your focus to what will help you succeed and create positive neural pathways.
  • Obsessive Focus: The Pitfall of Emotionally Investing Your Focus – Follow your blueprint, focus on controllable factors, and avoid obsessing over mistakes. Redirect your focus towards what will give you the biggest return on investment.

Tune in to our podcast to explore more insights on how to leverage your focal currency and maximise your performance.

BONUS Smarter Time Management

And click here for your the Time Management BONUS downloads and instructions, which were discussed in this episode.


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