084: Why Modern Day Coaches Need Modern Day Coaching

High performance coaching has evolved significantly, driven by advancements in sports science and an understanding of athlete development.

In this episode, we explore modern-day coaching of the modern-day athlete, and the importance for coaches to adapt.

Coaches on a Journey

Coaches, like athletes, are on a journey of growth and development. In the past, the coaching philosophy often centred around the idea that the coach knew best, and athletes were expected to follow instructions without questioning. However, coaches today are more aware of the need for collaboration and a science-driven approach. And it's crucial to recognise that coaches are continuously learning and evolving based on the information they have.

Shifting Coaching Paradigms

The coaching landscape has changed significantly over the years. Today's coaching is more science-driven and holistic, focusing on optimising athlete outcomes. Coaches now understand the importance of considering various aspects of an athlete's development, which was not widely known or practiced in the past. Additionally, the high-performance environment places greater demands on coaches to achieve success and manage the implications.

Understanding the Complexity of Modern Athletes

As someone who has been involved in sports as an athlete, coach, official, and mental performance specialist, I have witnessed the multifaceted nature of today's athletes. Coaches face the challenge of understanding and addressing the many components that contribute to an athlete's success. This comprehensive approach requires coaches to consider factors beyond just performance and results.

The Evolution of Coaching

Like old cars before the computers got involved, the coaching of yesteryear required a tinkerer to fix any mechanical issues, with coaches patching up athletes to get them ready for the next competition without considering the broader aspects of their development. Today's coaches are more like diagnostic engineers working on modern, technologically advanced vehicles. They aim for efficiency, analyse data, and optimise performance outcomes.

Are Coaches Fit for Today's Purpose?

Coaching staff today need to adapt and upgrade their knowledge and understanding to meet the demands of modern athletes. Just as we learn to be adults based on our childhood experiences, many coaches adopt coaching styles based on how they were coached themselves. It's always good to reflect on past coaching methods and question if they are still suitable for today's athletes.

So if you're a coach looking to embrace a more holistic and collaborative approach to optimise athlete outcomes, it's crucial to continuously educate and adapt your coaching methods to best serve their athletes in this ever-changing landscape. And that is exactly what we do inside The Main Arena Coach. If you'd like to know more about this program, go to https://www.smartmind.com/coaching to find out more.


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