080: How Coaches Can Improve the Mental Performance and Confidence of their Athletes

Building Athlete Confidence: The Role of Coaches

Coaching is a challenging occupation, and coaches can struggle to understand their role and responsibilities. The reality is that coaches can make or break an athlete's confidence, whether they try to shift the responsibility or not.

In this podcast episode 80 of Brain in the Game, we highlight the importance of understanding the role of a coach in:

  1. building an athlete's confidence
  2. shaping an athletes mental performance framework

And we emphasise the power that coaches have in aligning the trajectory of an athlete's career and personal development.

Athletes always look up to their coaches, as they hold the key to their career success to some degree. A coach can have a monumental impact on the athlete's career, both positively and negatively, so the relationship between an athlete and a coach is a delicate balance.

Coaches are always a part of an athlete's personal development, whether they choose to be or not. Coaches have the power to shape an athlete's confidence and mental performance, and they should be aware of the impact their words and actions can have on their athletes.

And as I share from my own experience, the dynamic between a coach and an athlete can be tumultuous, but over time, by understanding each other better I appreciate the influence my coach had on my life and career.

So, tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights into the complex and dynamic world of coaching.

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