079: Momentum, Confidence and Snowballs

Athletes, learn how to put into practice a successful framework to maintain momentum, in order to continue making progress, even if you face setbacks?

In podcast episode 79 we explore momentum, confidence and snowballs. We look at three of the most important strategies of an athlete's sustainability, from their motivation to their momentum, to building their effective and robust confidence framework.

For athletes to reach the success they are striving for, there is more to it than just physical training. Putting a good framework in place to manage their motivation and momentum is key. It can be a precarious balancing act between ticking all the right boxes to ensure athletes are ready to perform, and effective training loads to ensure they are not overtraining or opening themselves up to injury.

So let's optimise your momentum, your confidence, and your snowballs.

For more information on effective mental performance and performing as an elite athlete head on over to www.smartmind.com and explore the resources and join us on the Mental Gladiator training program.



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