078: How to Effectively Use Mental Performance Training as an Athlete

Mental Performance can sometimes be mistakenly used as a paracetamol, to be “only used in the case of emergency”.

However, when built into your daily training it can catapult you into a world of high performance and optimal control in and out of the competitive arena. 

In this episode, we look at:

  • the importance of building effective Mental Performance training in to your preparation
  • how this is essential for consistency, and 
  • ensuring your mental, emotional and cognitive resilience is up to being an elite athlete in today's competitive world

The breakdown of your emotional resilience is often the first sign that you are losing control of your performance. This can lead to panic and focusing on feeling better rather than being better. We can sometimes get caught in the trap of focusing on doing more, rather than doing what is necessary. 

So sit back and listen as we unpack the emotional strategies to ensure your best athlete turns up every time. 

And for more podcasts and online resources check out www.smartmind.com for everything Mental Performance.


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