075: Team Culture – Building a Successful Culture in Your Team

Building a Successful Team Culture –⁠ How to get your team to fire on cue

Much is made of the importance of a team culture when it comes to success – it is often touted as the secret sauce to a team’s results.

In fact, Sir Alex Ferguson, former Manchester United Football Manager (soccer) would often cite his team dynamic as their secret.

There have been a number of examples of when this has worked, when a team “fire” together, and – against all odds – come out on top. I mean heck, Disney has cornered the market on highly produced comeback stories.

However, there are countless missed opportunities when a team doesn’t fire together, when a few rogue individuals can completely derail a team. And what could have been, never was!

So, WHY. Why does that happen? What strategies are at play during a miraculous turn-around, or a misfire opportunity?

  • Is it pure fate?
  • Did the stars align?
  • Was there a lone person who happened along and galvanised all the missing pieces at that magical moment?
  • Or is it the hand of the almighty… as Diego Maradona would have us believe?

Both Maradona and Disney may have us thinking one or all of these are at play. However, the reality is a little less dramatic and a lot more reliable.

In order for us to understand HOW we first need to understand WHY.

And that is what this podcast will focus on: How and why do some teams work, and some don’t?

Download the Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing slides mentioned on this episode here


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