Staying on Track: Athlete Strategies for Big Competition Moments

Oct 05, 2023


Competition pressure can have a huge impact on your ability to perform in those big moments.

Learning how to perform and what to trust can make all the difference. In this video, we look at how to push through the uncomfortable to perform when it counts:

  • Think of your performance as a railway track. The better you lay your tracks (skills and preparation), the better you can perform when the pressure's on.
  • Emotions can cloud your process, much like snow covering train tracks. The tracks are still there, you just need to push through the discomfort and trust your training.
  • Understand how internal and external pressures can affect your performance, and ensure they don't derail your progress.
  • Survivalist vs. Strategist Mindset: Choose to operate as strategists, not survivalists. The former involves assessing, collecting data, and making adjustments along the journey. The latter hinges on fear, looking for proof before taking action, or reckless trust without testing. Are you testing before you trust or trusting before you test? A strategist mindset focuses on control, metrics, and assessing rather than testing.
  • Assess and Enjoy: Collect data, recognise, and reward yourself along the way. This helps you maintain momentum and stay in control.

Don't let panic derail your performance – trust your process and you will learn to stay on track. If you want to perform on the world stage, ensure your tracks are strong and straight, then you're ready to accelerate!

How to Handle Pressure and Stay on Track During Significant Events

Adapt to the gaps in our tracks. Instead of fixating on what's missing, we should focus on what's non-negotiable in our process. Preparing for various scenarios with a "what-if" mentality allows us to maintain control and confidence under any circumstances.

If you'd like to dive deeper into the 'how' for yourself, we have short, intensive trainings available to help you trust your preparation and stay in control

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