Cracking the Code of Pre-Competition Nerves

Jul 27, 2023


Why Do Athletes Get So Anxious?

The brain of the anxious athlete – it's a feeling that's all too familiar to anyone chasing success. 

And that is precisely where the role of mental conditioning can be brought in to help athletes develop the tools they need to combat feelings of anxiousness. 

In this video we explore: 

  • Why those pre-competition nerves are not just normal, but a sign that what you're about to do is important to you – nervousness isn't a sign of incapability; it's a testament to your dedication towards your objectives.
  • What the dance party of dopamine, cortisol, and serotonin is doing in your brain and the part they play in shaping your anxiety and performance.
  • How our brain's incredible power of imagination can conjure up fears, magnify doubts, but also pave the way for innovative solutions and success beyond imagination. 
  • How do athletes deal with anxiety? What we can do right now to manage the balance between our body’s natural chemicals and the pragmatic techniques we can adopt to alleviate these stressors.

So if you’ve ever felt your imagination run wild with worst-case scenarios, or feel anxious before a performance, you're not alone. This video explores the reasons behind athletes' feelings of anxiousness and gives actionable strategies to manage these emotions, and alleviate the stressors to help rewire your brain for success.

Create your own mental framework, unique to you, at Perform Like A Champion online training.

Building a Framework for High Performance: How Top 1% Athletes Sustain Their Success

The mental aspect is vital, and building and sustaining that requires frameworks. By incorporating the mental techniques we teach in our Perform Like A Champion training, like JOBV (journaling, objective setting, bounce, visualisation), athletes can manage their emotions and stay on track during intense periods of training. It's like laying down sturdy tracks for a powerful locomotive—keeping athletes on course towards their objectives.

Further details on our Perform Like A Champion training are here.


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