Beyond Talent: How Elite Athletes Design Their Success Into High-Performing Athletes

Jul 13, 2023


Understanding the Journey of High-Performing Athletes

High performance can be tough; it demands consistency and dedication. Let's consider an athlete's journey: from amateur to competitive, to elite, and finally, to high performance. It's a rigorous process that requires intense commitment.

A study in the late 80s examined the top 1% of high performing athletes worldwide, across various sports. While some were indeed gifted, a significant majority achieved success through something else.

Genetics played a small role, and financial resources also had a limited impact. 

But the real game-changer was one singular thing. 

What they found was all high performing athletes had one thing in common: mindset

They built personalised programs, catered specifically to their strengths, skills, and determination. They didn't try to emulate others; instead, they optimised their own potential. They stuck to their tailored programs tenaciously, fine-tuning aspects when necessary. 

High performance is all about optimisation, making every training session count. It's not a matter of putting the pedal to the metal; it's about gradually building a strong foundation before pushing your limits.

And coaches play a crucial role in this process because success is about building on strengths and continuous improvement, not simply pushing hard and burning out. Collaborating with athletes to set clear objectives and creating a solid framework around them is key. 

Create your own mental framework, unique to you, at Perform Like A Champion online training.

Building a Framework for High Performance: How Top 1% Athletes Sustain Their Success

The mental aspect is vital, and building and sustaining that requires frameworks. By incorporating the mental techniques we teach in our Perform Like A Champion training, like JOBV (journaling, objective setting, bounce, visualisation), athletes can manage their emotions and stay on track during intense periods of training. It's like laying down sturdy tracks for a powerful locomotive—keeping athletes on course towards their objectives.

Further details on our Perform Like A Champion training are here.


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