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Four Phases of Flow State

  •  In the Zone
  •  On Form
  •  In Flow

These are common phrases used to describe the “Flow State”, that elusive state where every performer looks to put themselves before competing. It’s a state of mind that allows for the best version of that performance, and performer.

When we see THAT performance that looks so effortless and flawless, despite it being the most amazing performance of the day... that is true mastery. That is FLOW.

However, accessing and staying “in flow” can be tricky and frustrating if you don’t understand flow.

This 7-part video training will explain 
Mihaly Csakszentmihalyi’s “Flow State”, the Holy Grail of every athlete.

And so, in this video workshop I will teach you:

  1. Where flow lives (in our brain)
  2. How to optimise the 4Fs of Flow State
  3. How to set and maintain that high-performance standard
  4. How to consistently pull the performance trigger - every time

So, what are you waiting for? This IS the secret sauce to performing in FLOW.